Hardscape Materials in Middleburg, PA

Beavertown Block Co., Inc. is proud to produce a wide array of hardscape masonry blocks, for use in creating picturesque landscape installations. From retaining walls to blocks for patios and beyond, we’re the premier destination for hardscape supply in Middleburg, PA. We’re a trusted resource for landscapers and hardscape contractors, as well as private customers with the DIY property improvement spirit.

Hardscape Blocks

We manufacture the ideal block for whatever shape your hardscaping project takes. This includes blocks for creating unique walks, patios, driveways and retaining walls. Our concrete dry stack segmental retaining wall comes in five different styles to meet any job condition. Best of all, our hardscape products are designed and produced to be virtually maintenance free. You’ll get the benefit of captivating hardscape designs and installations that look great year after year, even in spite of four-season weathering.

We’re also a licensed distributor of Hanson Hardscapes. Hanson Hardscapes offers innovative architectural landscape products that are designed for life in residential, commercial and industrial applications. They offer a selection of architectural tiles, interlocking pavers, slab pavers, garden and retaining walls and lawn and garden products.

Hardscape Supplies

Our hardscape materials go beyond providing you with the perfect blocks and masonry supplies. As partner to landscapers and hardscape contractors, we also strive to provide a full assortment of products that make design, installation, care and maintenance easy and efficient. Come to us for the following hardscape supply products.

  • Accessory products
  • Base preparation products
  • Concrete benches
  • Driveway curb
  • Edging products
  • Interlocking concrete pavers
  • Patio slabs
  • Patio support
  • Segmental retaining wall concrete masonry units
  • Water diversion

Bring Your Landscape to Life

From aesthetic hardscaping on commercial properties to functional hardscapes on residential land, Beavertown Block Co., Inc. supplies superior hardscape paver and block products, as well as other essential hardscape supplies. Contact us today at 570-837-1744 for more information about our products or to discuss your project and masonry needs with us.