Reasons to Install a Concrete Outdoor Fireplace in Your Yard

If you’ve been spending a lot more time at home in Middleburg, PA these days, your yard could probably use an upgrade. Is it suitable for gathering and entertaining, or have you just tossed some weather-beaten furniture on your patio and called it a day? If you find yourself wishing your backyard was a better place for entertaining, here’s an idea: install a custom concrete outdoor fireplace. Not only is it an attractive, compelling yard feature, but it will provide a natural gathering place on cool nights all year long.

Here are the best reasons to install an outdoor fireplace:

  • Get more use out of your backyard: How often do you use your backyard? If it’s mostly relegated to the warm weather months, it doesn’t have to be that way. You can get year-round usage out of your backyard with an outdoor fireplace. Instead of staying inside during the colder months, you can get fresh air and gather around your outdoor fireplace for parties, family gatherings and whenever that s’mores craving hits.
  • Increase your livable space: If the pandemic has you wishing you had a lot more space, improving your backyard can help. Not only will you have an opportunity to use your backyard all year long, but when it comes time to sell your home, you’ll offer more livable space to prospective buyers. Most buyers love backyard fireplaces—it might just be the best selling point your home has.
  • Improve the aesthetics with a focal point: Is the backyard looking a little blah? Concrete outdoor fireplaces are a great focal point. Install the fireplace first, then design the rest of your yard around it. Your fireplace isn’t just there for warmth—it also serves as an architectural feature that draws the eye. Choose coordinating patio furniture around the outdoor fireplace for a cozy gathering spot.
  • Enjoy easy installation: Not sure how to go from concrete blocks to fully assembled fireplace? Working with a landscape architect will take the guesswork out of your outdoor fireplace installation. Better still, there are no walls to tear down or ceilings to raise, since you’re working outdoors. You’ll love how quickly and easily the whole yard comes together.
  • Get a custom design that suits your architecture: Finally, your outdoor fireplace offers the perfect opportunity to enhance your home’s appearance. When you get a custom fireplace design, you can make sure it suits your home’s architecture. This will give your backyard a seamless indoor/outdoor look, and further increase the value of your property.

Whether you want to have the whole neighborhood over for a fireside chat, or want to spend more time enjoying your own backyard in Middleburg, PA, an outdoor fireplace is a great way to do so. Concrete masonry is affordable, attractive and durable, so your new feature will last for decades to come.

For more custom fireplace ideas, call the team at Beavertown Block Co., Inc. today. We offer a variety of shapes, sizes and colors so you can get the look you want.