Retro Is “in” and the Glass Block Is Back!

Fashion trends come and go, and this is certainly also true in the architectural and interior design industries. Today’s architects and interior designers are bringing back the 1980s trend of incorporating glass blocks into homes and offices, whether as statement pieces, windows or even full walls. Continue reading to find out why glass blocks are back and to get answers to some common questions like, “Is glass block strong?”

Glass block benefits

Trends don’t just come and go for no reason—just like any other architectural trend, glass blocks provide a number of benefits for homes and commercial buildings. These are a few reasons to incorporate glass blocks into your home or office:

  • Ample sunlight: Generally speaking, the more natural light a room can get, the better. If you’re looking for a structurally sound building material that lets in plenty of sunlight, look no further than glass blocks. Glass blocks are a fantastic choice for basements, garages or any other room where you want to add sunlight and a unique look.
  • Ultimate privacy: You might think glass and privacy don’t exactly go hand in hand, but that couldn’t be further from the truth when it comes to glass blocks. Our glass blocks are thick and wavy, obscuring the vision of prying eyes while still allowing ample natural light to fill a room.
  • Safe and secure: The answer to the question of whether glass block is strong is a resounding yes! Glass blocks are incredibly durable, making them difficult for would-be intruders to smash in. You can enjoy all of the benefits of a glass window without worrying about a break-in by choosing to install glass blocks.
  • Energy efficient: Traditional windows aren’t very energy efficient, which leads to drafty homes and sky-high energy bills. That’s not the case when you incorporate glass blocks. Just like with a double- or triple-pane window, each glass block has an interior air gap that acts as an insulator. In fact, glass blocks made by the best glass block suppliers near you are even energy-star rated.

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