Easy Ways to Add Hardscaping to Your Yard

Hardscaping refers to any part of your yard that isn’t living, such as patios, decks, walls, walkways and driveways. Adding these elements to your yard can serve both functional and aesthetic purposes.

You’ll want to work with leading hardscaping suppliers to enhance the beauty of your home’s landscape. Let’s look at why adding hardscaping is beneficial and some simple ways of adding it to your property.

Pros of adding hardscaping

Homeowners are adding hardscaping to their properties because hardscaping offers the following benefits:

  • Reduces erosion: Whether you’re adding gravel, paving stones or working with concrete block suppliers, hardscaping will keep the soil intact and improve drainage.
  • Opens up your outdoor space: It’s great having a yard for children or pets to play in. Hardscaping makes the rest of your outdoor space more usable for entertainment and relaxation.
  • Boosts home value: A home that has a beautiful deck, patio, walkway or other feature will have increased value on the market.
  • Low maintenance: Unlike the rest of your yard, the hardscaped elements won’t require weeding or planting. Most hardscaped elements require minimal maintenance to look beautiful.

Around the pool

Adding hardscaping around the pool is a smart idea. Safe choices for surrounding a pool include bricks or flagstones with a rough finish. That’s because these materials won’t be as slippery when wet.

Add in greenery

If you enjoy gardening, consider adding plants when discussing plans with your hardscaping suppliers. Trees, shrubs, flowers, etc. will provide a nice contrast to the hard edges of any stone features. Plus, flowers will bring a pop of color. You can use brick, tile or paving stones to make raised garden beds. If this seems a bit ambitious, you could always add potted plants to the hardscaping to achieve the same effect.

Mix materials

It’s easy to create the illusion of separate spaces within a larger space by utilizing different paving and stone types. This will generate visual interest and help one area transition to the next. Some popular choices include flagstones for a barbeque area, natural river rocks around a pond and elegant marble surrounding a fountain.

Traffic flow

Hardscaping is great for directing foot or car traffic to different parts of the property. They allow you to create defined parking, walking and driving paths. Gravel and paving stones are natural choices for these areas.

Bring in water features

These are a great addition to any hardscaping. Add a birdbath, a fountain or a small fountain to your hardscaped garden. Even smaller areas will have room for a basin fountain. If you want to go bigger, you can turn the terrain into a flowing stream with a waterfall made out of stacked rocks.

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