Mortar Color: What Are the Benefits?

If you have masonry walls, you can choose a new mortar color to spruce up your building’s exterior. Did you know that mortar makes up anywhere between seven and 20 percent of the wall’s visible surface? That means that the color can have a significant impact on the appearance, whether you go for a neutral that blends in or a contrasting color to make the masonry stand out.

Here why (and how) you should choose a mortar color in Middleburg, PA.

General tips

When you’re picking a mortar color, remember that the mortar ingredients will affect how the color appears in the final product. For example, if you’re using gray cement, the mortar color will look darker than if you were using white cement. Masonry contractors can also change the color subtly by increasing the water content.

In addition to the mortar color itself, your masonry color will affect how you perceive the mortar color. Red bricks will look very different from gray or white concrete blocks. Be sure to keep this in mind when working with your contractor to choose a mortar color.

Finally, note that your mortar color may fade over time. Ask your masonry contractor about how they expect the color to wear through the years, and how that will affect the overall appearance of your building.

Choosing the right mortar color

There are three ways mortar color can be used: it can blend in, contrast with the masonry or complement the masonry. Choose a similar color to the bricks or blocks to create a solid, uniform-looking wall—the bricks and mortar will act as a subtle pattern.

You can also choose a mortar color that contrasts with the masonry. This is great for bold accent walls or to draw attention to the masonry itself. For example, you could use a dark-tinted block with pale mortar color for a modern appearance.

Finally, consider complementing your masonry with the mortar color—it’s more subtle than a contrasting color, but will stand out more than a color that blends.

Benefits of choosing a mortar color in Middleburg, PA

  • Make your masonry stand out: If you want to call attention to a masonry wall, using colored mortar is a great way to make the bricks or blocks stand out.
  • Add unusual detail: Clients and customers pay attention to detail. Show them that you do, too, when you choose a novel mortar color for your masonry walls. It’s the kind of special touch that can be as subtle or bold as you choose.
  • Show off your patterns: Finally, you can choose interesting or contrasting mortar colors to show off patterns in the masonry. This is especially effective if you’re using decorative bricks or blocks in something other than the traditional bricklaying style.

Whatever your reasons for choosing a mortar color, it’s a great way to accent your building. Beavertown Block Co., Inc. can help you choose the masonry products you need to ensure a beautiful and durable project. Call today to get started.