What You Should Know About Concrete Masonry Units

Concrete has been a go-to construction material since the first century A.D., when it was used by the Romans. It’s still a popular material used today, although professionals typically use concrete masonry units (or blocks) for construction projects. Continue reading to learn why you should use concrete masonry units for your next project in Middleburg, PA.

Typical concrete masonry unit uses

You’ll often find masonry units used as foundation or basement walls due to their sturdiness and resistance to the elements and pests. It’s important to note that to be long-lasting, you’ll need to hire an experienced professional for installation.

Concrete blocks aren’t just utilitarian, either—there are many builders who will use masonry units for exterior walls due to their low price and attractive appearance. Masonry units can be painted with latex, oil-based and cement paints. When properly installed, masonry units can blend in and look great on any structure.

Benefits of concrete masonry units

We wouldn’t be masonry unit specialists if we didn’t think they’re fantastic products. Here are a few reasons why you should use concrete masonry units in Middleburg, PA:

  • Durability: Masonry units are known for their durability in all climates. You’ll never have to worry about the material getting dented during a hailstorm, blown away during heavy winds or leaking in a rainstorm. Masonry units are also impervious to pests and rotting, unlike stick-built structures.
  • Fire safety: One of the best facts about concrete masonry units in Middleburg, PA is that they’re fire resistant. As long as its professionally installed, a concrete wall can last for up to four hours without succumbing to flames.
  • Cheaper insurance rates: Because concrete masonry units are nearly impervious to nasty weather and fireproof, you can get a lower insurance rate by using them. Be sure to talk to your insurance company to see what kind of discounts you can get by building with masonry units.
  • Lower lifetime costs: In addition to saving money on your insurance premium, concrete masonry pays for itself over time. Unless cracks appear in a wall or foundation, you should never have to worry about repairs. This means concrete masonry installation is essentially a one-time cost.
  • Better insulation: Another way concrete blocks can save you money is through your energy bills. Because of their thickness and heavy mass, concrete blocks are much better insulators than other building materials. You’ll save a bundle on your heating and cooling costs throughout the year by opting for concrete.
  • Greater soundproofing: Whether it’s noisy neighbors or busy street traffic, outside noise can be an annoying distraction in a home or commercial setting. Unlike drywall, concrete masonry units are excellent sound barriers, blocking most exterior noise. This also means you can be as loud as you want without distracting your neighbors!

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