Build Your Own Outdoor Fireplace Step by Step

An outdoor fireplace can transform your surroundings to create an inviting oasis. To add warmth and ambience to your patio or yard, use the following guide for how to build an outdoor fireplace in Middleburg, PA.

Start with the regulations

Before you start a DIY outdoor fireplace, check your local codes. Make sure your neighborhood or municipality doesn’t have any regulations that prohibit or restrict the building of an outdoor fireplace. If any regulations exist, be sure to follow these as you plan the construction of your fireplace.

Consider the details

Once you have researched the local regulations, ask yourself a few questions to determine your next steps. A few details are key to consider. First, make sure you have the space for the fireplace. Do you want a large, elegant fireplace or a more simple design? Do you want to use gas logs or burn wood? Do you have the proper clearance for a chimney? Get all these details nailed down before you start construction.

Get ready to build

Once you have a plan in place for your DIY outdoor fireplace in Middleburg, PA, start to build the foundation. Create a concrete foundation between four and eight inches thick. Use a crushed aggregate base with steel reinforcement. Use expansion joints to prevent foundation cracks. Not sure how to lay this foundation? For additional tips on how to build an outdoor fireplace, contact your local masonry experts.

Construct the fireplace

Next, start laying your foundational blocks to create your fireplace. Start at the center. Use your level to check the bricks often to keep everything even as you build. Keep in mind that you don’t need much adhesive to hold the bricks together. Gravity will do most of the work to keep the fireplace bricks in place.

At this point, you’ll build the firebox. Use a square and level to keep everything flush. Start this box from the outside corner. Line the firebox with firebrick. Place a lintel block at the top of the firebox. This will support the angle iron. The angle iron must be placed flush with the top of your lintel blocks. Use temporary support blocks to build the rest of the firebox.

Once the firebox is finished, let the glue set, then build your smoke chamber. The bricks for this chamber should be positioned two inches in from each side and four inches in from the front. Be sure to keep everything plumb.

After you have finished with the smoke chamber, it’s time to build your chimney. Stack blocks, keeping everything square and level. Make the chimney uniform in size from bottom to top.

At this point, let the fireplace set for a day, then come back to add the cap the next day. Keep in mind that this is a two-person job, so be sure to buddy up for this challenging step.

Once the cap is in place, you can add any desired finishing touches to your DIY outdoor fireplace in Middleburg, PA. You may want to create a mantel or other decorative features.

Need backup?

If you have any questions or would like assistance with building a beautiful outdoor fireplace for your home, contact the experts at Beavertown Block Co., Inc. Reach our experienced professionals at 570-837-1744.