How Often Should Split Face Block Be Sealed?

If you own a building that features split face concrete block, or you’re in the design process and want to invest in a material with exceptional versatility, you’ll be happy to know that split face concrete block is incredibly easy to maintain. Read on to learn more about best practices for split face block maintenance to promote the longevity of your building.

What is the ideal timeline for waterproofing split face block?

Building owners in Middleburg, PA should invest in waterproofing for split face concrete blocks every five to seven years. Since split face blocks are very porous, waterproofing is a common preventative maintenance service that minimizes the blocks’ exposure to water damage. It’s helpful to check in with your local masonry experts to determine an ideal timeline for waterproofing your building, and they can also predict which type of waterproofing material is best.

Usually, a siloxane clear coat or elastomeric color coat produces the best results. It forms a chemical bond to the substrate of the blocks, allowing them to breathe while making them impervious to water at the same time. These sealants will not change the appearance of your building in any way—the only changes you should notice is water beading up and rolling off the surface of the masonry after rain.

When you rely on a professional masonry company to handle waterproofing at your building, you can feel confident that they’ll use quality products that won’t leave a residue or film on the blocks. Keep in mind that new coats of sealant must be compatible with previous applications—otherwise a chemical reaction could occur, ruining the look of your bricks and the building as a whole.

How will waterproofing protect the blocks?

Waterproofing is one of the key components of split face block maintenance in Middleburg, PA because it reduces the ingress of water and water-borne contaminants. While water in a building is obviously not a good thing, the deteriorating effects of contaminants are also a major concern. They can corrode the steel membrane of a building, spall the blocks themselves and lead to other concerns like efflorescence, leaching and staining.

How do I know if my structure needs new waterproofing?

As a general rule, if you can’t remember when you last invested in waterproofing for your building, it’s a smart idea to contact your local masonry experts to schedule this preventative maintenance service. You know your building best, so pay attention to water penetration. If your masonry building experiences water penetration during wind-driven rain events, and you’re sure that all exterior components like the roof, gutters and downspouts are working correctly, investing in waterproofing is absolutely essential.

Whether you’re interested in waterproofing split face concrete blocks or any other preventative maintenance service for your Middleburg, PA building, never rely on a do-it-yourself job. Reach out to the experts at Beavertown Block Co., Inc. to make sure the masonry elements of your building remain in excellent condition, promoting not only the longevity of your building but also its overall curb appeal.