The Main Benefits of Choosing a Split Face Block

When designing any type of structure, the choices you make in terms of materials are of crucial importance. Buildings are exposed to the elements every day, and you need to choose a material that will hold up well to changing conditions in temperature and precipitation. Here’s why split face block is an ideal choice for a variety of buildings, and why you should work with local split face block suppliers in Middleburg, PA as you construct your building.


Split face concrete block producers adhere to strict manufacturing standards to ensure that this construction material is one of the strongest you can find. Building owners who have used this material agree that it’s incredibly durable, allowing for a more secure foundation and strong structure.


While split face block may cost more than standard, smooth blocks when it comes to initial cost, you’ll save money over time due to the material’s incredible durability. The need for repair or replacement is reduced significantly when you choose split face concrete block over cheaper but less durable options. Talk with local split face concrete block producers in Middleburg, PA to learn more about proper care and maintenance for this material. Typically, applying a water repellent every five to seven years is recommended to enhance the longevity of this material even further.

You’ll also save money when it comes to insurance. Many companies offer significant discounts on properties that are made with split face block, since they’re much less of a fire risk and they’re impervious to termite damage.


If you’re looking to give your building long-lasting curb appeal, choosing split face concrete block is an excellent choice. Each block features a rough, textured look that can add visual interest to all types of buildings, from schools to churches, retail spaces and much more. Rather than choosing a smooth block that may give a structure a sterile, unattractive appearance, boost the overall curb appeal of your building with textured block that makes an interesting visual statement.

There are also unlimited possibilities when it comes to color, giving you more flexibility in terms of design, since you aren’t limited to standard colors like white, gray or beige. Overall, split face block lends a distinctive, eye-catching look to any building project.


Split face concrete block comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, giving you options in terms of configuration. The blocks are available in light, medium and heavy weights, and you can mix and match the block with a variety of exterior finishes, allowing for greater versatility in design. You’re not limited to choosing a single shape, weight or style, which means you can give any building a unique, distinctive look.

Take advantage of the durability and appeal of split face concrete block by partnering with local split face block suppliers in Middleburg, PA. Contact Beavertown Block Co., Inc. to learn more about the benefits of this attractive, versatile material and discover how it can contribute to the aesthetics and longevity of your building project.