How To Prepare Your Fireplace for Spring

We all love spring. We are looking forward to warmer temperatures, time outside, and the ability to be outside without freezing. With seasonal changes, however, comes the need to prepare your fireplace. With warmer temperatures on the horizon, it is time to close up your fireplace and keep out the excess heat.

 How Do I Prepare My Fireplace for Spring?

The first step for getting your fireplace ready for spring is to clean it up. This means removing excess wood that might not have burned off, taking out ashes and cleaning out the trap, and even wiping down the inside of the fireplace if you can manage. This will prevent ash from coming back into your home when there is a breeze or while you are working on getting your fireplace ready to close up for spring and summer.

You then need to close your damper fully. Since you are not going to be lighting the fireplace during these months, you can close it fully to prevent drafts and prevent animals from coming down the chimney and giving you a fright. It can also help keep the heat out when you are cooling your home, greatly lowering energy bills.

You then need to hire a chimney cleaning company or a chimney inspecting company to come and clean your chimney. Spring is a great time to do this as they are less busy. If you have it cleaned in the spring, it will be ready to go when the winter months roll back around, and you can avoid having to try to get it cleaned when they are super busy.

Preparing a Gas Fireplace

If you have a gas fireplace you can also prepare it for summer and spring. You first need to clean off the soot as this will help the fireplace stay clean all summer. You can hire a chimney cleaner or inspector to help get it ready to close up. You also need to cut off the gas to the fireplace as well as the pilot light so that you can prevent gas buildup in the home.

When it comes to getting your fireplace ready for the spring season, the name of the game is cleaning them up well to prevent soot and ash from getting all over your home, making sure dampers are closed, the gas is turned off, and getting an inspection or cleaning to get ready for the next season.

Fireplaces are a great way to heat the home during the winter and fall months. They are also an energy drain if they are not properly closed during the warmer months. Taking steps to clean and prepare your fireplace during the spring months can help you save money and energy during these warmer months and get your fireplace ready for the temperature and the weather changes.

Fireplaces are fantastic, and if you care for them properly, they can be a great asset to your home.