Spring Is the Best Time for Masonry Repairs

Masonry repairs can be daunting. You may not think that you can get them repaired, but a great masonry company and spring are a match made in heaven. Spring is the perfect time for masonry repairs.

When Is the Best Time for Masonry Repairs?

Winter is hard on masonry. Most damage is caused during the winter months when the ice, water and snow beat down on homes and masonry. Spring is the best time for repairs for a few reasons.

Mortar and other elements of masonry repair need warm, dry conditions to properly cure and to strengthen and become solid. Spring is just that time and can help you get all your home repairs taken care of in the spring when they are still manageable and before they get too difficult or too extensive.

It is best to get your repairs done as soon as you realize they need to be done. This can minimize the damage and make sure that your chimney and other masonry bits will be in good repair as you go into the summer months and eventually back into the winter.  

Getting masonry repairs in the spring prepares your home for the summer and helps keep those repair bills lower and more manageable than they would be if you waited.

Masonry Repairs for the Spring Season

There is a range of repairs you may be working with during the spring season. Water and ice run down over your chimney and brickwork during the winter months. The ice freezes on the bricks and in the mortar and expands, causing a phenomenon called spalling. Spalling is when the face of the brick starts to flake and chip off. The brick becomes unsightly, and the spelling lowers the integrity of the brick as well.

You may also need a service called tuckpointing. This is a process where the mortar has been damaged and needs repair, but the bricks are still in good shape. Your mason can help determine what will work best for your chimney. They can inspect and repair your masonry efficiently, effectively and quickly so that you can get on with your life.

Making masonry repairs to the home is not only for aesthetic reasons. Sure, it does help make your home look better, but it also helps it function better. Masonry repairs ensure that the integrity of your home and your masonry is preserved. If you notice issues for repair, it is best to make those repairs quickly to prevent further damage and ensure that your masonry can be saved.

The right company and the right mason can truly make a difference and can save your chimney and your masonry this spring season.