What Are the Benefits of Glass Block Windows?

Though glass block windows were first introduced in the later 1800s, they continue to gather a lot of attention and popularity up to today. But is it beneficial to install a glass block window? 

Installing the glass block window is a sure way to upgrade your property’s overall performance — from enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your house to security gains, cost-effectiveness, and energy efficiency.

Why should I install a glass block window? Let’s dig out more about the benefits to help you with the buying decision.

Higher Energy Efficiency

Maybe when you hear about energy-efficient windows, the first thing that comes to your mind is vinyl windows or double-paned glass. Glass block windows are increasingly recognized for this trait. In fact, this type of window provides energy efficiency comparable to that of a thermal pane window.

Glass block windows are sealed with a mortar in the wall to eliminate any air leakages. This increases heat control and reduces noise and dust entry, significantly decreasing utility bills.

Improved Privacy and Security

Glass block windows come in different designs that suit your preferences. The wavy glass block is the most popular option for allowing maximum light entry and maintaining privacy at the same time.

The ice glass block also comes in a distinct design that offers adequate light entry while distorting vision, hence providing better coverage.

In general, glass block windows have a more profuse surface than typical glass panes, ensuring security and peace of mind within the walls of your house.

Aesthetic Appeal

One of the biggest perks of glass block windows is the excellent upscale and aesthetic appeal. You can easily breathe new life into a dull room by installing one. Diamond glass blocks for a bathroom doors or windows, wet bars, or even partition walls exude such an elegant, dramatic appearance.

The clarity option of glass block windows enhances even distribution of light, making your room look bigger and shiner. Glass block windows are also assembled before installation, so you’ll always get that finished appearance that draws lots of positive attention.

Reduced Maintenance

With a glass block window, you won’t have to worry about maintenance requirements after every season.

This type of window is designed to be stationary, typically with a solid material. They’re also directly fitted in the wall and mostly sealed with a mortar. Therefore, there would be no need to put on special coatings or other seasonal window treatments just to make sure your interior is comfortable.

 Reasonable Price Point

The fancy look of glass block windows often creates a general notion that they cost more. But the fact is that they can cost the same or even less than traditional vinyl windows.

If you’re shopping on a budget, glass block windows may be a perfect window solution for your home or any other structure.

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