What Is a Mason and What Do They Do?

A mason is a construction specialist who uses concrete blocks, bricks, and natural stones to build various structures, including walls, fences, chimneys, and walkways. Depending on the type of building materials masons use in their work, they might be called brick masons, stonemasons, or bricklayers. 

What Does a Masonry Worker Do?

If you wonder what is a masons job, here is a list of some examples of masonry workers. They are the most common tasks masonry workers are likely to perform: 

  •  Masons create walls and other structures by cutting and placing concrete blocks and bricks in suitable patterns. By using grout, they create rigid bonds between blocks and bricks. 
  • They mix cement and mortar.
  • They calculate the materials needed for the work.
  • Masons read and follow technical drawings. 
  • They restore worn and old masonry.
  • Masons also train apprentices. They supervise apprentices by teaching them job skills required for masonry work.

How To Become a Mason

Most masons are trained through an apprenticeship. Numerous community colleges offer special apprenticeship programs, builder’s and mason’s associations, technical colleges, and masonry unions. Usually, in order to start an apprenticeship program, an individual must be 18 years old and have a high school diploma. Sometimes, it might be required to pass an aptitude test. 

The duration of apprenticeship programs is 2-3 years and includes both classroom work and practical training. The training is usually paid, and as apprentices in their programs, they start getting a higher wage. In addition, they are also provided with vacation time and health insurance. 

Depending on the state, a mason has to have a license to be allowed to offer their professional services. If a mason has their own business, they are always required to have a license, and if they subcontract on projects that contractors manage, a license may be required depending on the budget of the project. 

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