How To Prepare Your Fireplace for Summer

You probably think that summer is not the time to be thinking about your fireplace, but the truth is your wood-burning fireplace will need a bit of summer maintenance. You may be wondering: Are there ways to prepare my fireplace for summer? If you take care of summer fireplace maintenance, you can be sure to have a great fireplace ready to go when the seasons change. It’ll be here quicker than you think. Let’s look at a few tips on how to prepare your fireplace for summer. 

Clean Out Ashes

One of the most important things you should start with will be removing ashes. Although this can be a big, dirty job, it is absolutely necessary that you get this out of the way before you close up your fireplace for the warmer months.

You will want to remove all ashes, burned wood, and any trace of fuel, regardless of what you were burning. This can get pretty dirty, so be sure to spread some sheets to keep dust and soot off your floor and furniture.

You will need an ash shovel and a bucket to do the job right. There are ash vacuums on the market that might make this job a little easier if you want to invest the money. You should consider wearing a facemask to keep dust and soot out of your mouth and lungs.

Don’t Forget to Sweep the Chimney

If you have a traditional fireplace, you probably have a traditional Class 1 chimney. It is recommended that these types of chimneys be professionally swept out occasionally. Professional chimney sweeps are easy to snag in spring and early summer. You will also want to ask this professional to inspect the chimney for an update on any maintenance issues that may need your attention.

Take Care of Repairs

If there are some repairs that need attention, do them as soon as possible. Putting off chimney repairs can be a costly choice. The spring and summer are the best time to do these types of repairs because you will not need the fireplace.

Consider a Chimney Cap

If you do not already have a chimney cap for your fireplace, you will want to consider placing one this summer. This handy invention will prevent birds, leaves, debris, and other animals from getting down into the chimney. Getting birds and animals stuck in your chimney can be annoying and smelly, and will often require professional removal, which costs money. A chimney cap can help you to avoid these inconveniences.

Consider Decorations or Upgrades

The summer months are also a great time to consider upgrading your fireplace or adding decoration. If you are getting tired of the appearance of your fireplace, now is a good time to change things when you are not using it on a daily or weekly basis.

You can spruce up your fireplace by changing the fire surround or perhaps by adding a cast iron insert. There are many ways you can show your personality and style with your fireplace. Considering that the fireplace is often a centerpiece of any room, this is a great place to focus your decorating attention and money.

How do I prepare my fireplace for summer? Are there ways to prepare my fireplace for summer?